no way!

Qui suis-je

Who I am?

I’m a storyteller

With more than 160 weddings around the world,
in France, Spain, United States, Russia, India, Tanzania, Tahiti, Monaco ...
Wedding Video & Photo is one of French's leading high end cinematographer and photographer.

Don’t count on me to rehash old clichés like ‘I stumbled into photography when i was nine
or my father was addicted to photography, blah, blah, blah'.

Let’s say that I am a keen photographer. I love taking … astronomy photos.
NASA has even published some of them. But hush! Let’s be modest.
What link is there between astronomy and a wedding picture, you might ask? None.
Although I wouldn’t be against taking a wedding picture on the moon.

In fact, I just love to capture the moments that make the wedding day so unique.
How does video fit in all that, you might ask again?
 Well, reread the paragraph just above and replace « photography and picture » by « video »
By the way, I could have told you that I worked for ten years for an international company
as Manager of the Multimedia Division.
If you are interested, we can talk about it when we meet.
If you are interested, that is. But mainly, we’ll talk about you.

See you soon.


Nathalie & Rudy, Céline & Anthony,
Céline & Mathieu, Audrey & David,
Aurélia & Matthieu, Vy & Patrice
tell you through WV&P’s lens about their own experience.
These are precious testimonies as they express
their difficulty finding a filmmaker for the big day
as well as the pleasure of developing a relationship
based on trust with the filmmaker who spent that very special day with them.


"Je ne sais pas comment te remercier pour ton travail Jacques c'est vraiment magnifiques...
Merci d'avoir immortalisé ce moment si important de notre vie. Merci merci.
Je ne regrette pas une seule seconde de t'avoir fait confiance ! "


8 years of passion serving couples


160+ weddings of different nationalities

Flight time

200+ flying hours around the globe


50+ national and international destinations

Distance traveled

164 100+ kms (4 times around the world)


66 750+ minutes of editing


105,000+ post-processed photos


...brides and groom and happy families!